Stainless steel pipe how to make a snap connection

The use of stainless steel pipe, as an important building material in modern construction, usually when we are in use, often use the snap connection method to stainless steel pipe for the overall link, this method makes us in the use of what kind of role it has.
1. strictly in accordance with the required length cut pipe, cut pipe, not too much force to prevent the stainless steel tube out of round.
2. After the tube is cut, the burr should be removed cleanly to avoid cutting the seal.
3. In order to make the stainless steel tube fully inserted into the pipe socket, the insertion length must be marked at the end of the tube to draw a line.
4. the seal should be correctly installed in the U-shaped groove of the pipe, the tube into the pipe socket, waiting for crimping.
5. crimping, stainless steel pipe projection parts placed in the mould concave groove, the jaws and tube axis to maintain vertical.

When we are finished crimping stainless steel pipe card, should be timely to use special gauges to check the size of the crimp. When the inspection results qualified, put a put into normal business production.

Post time: May-24-2023