Introduction to Stainless steel press-fittings

Introduction toStainless steel press-fittings

Development history: Stainless steel press-fittings
As engineering projects become more and more complex and refined, traditional pipeline interfaces cannot meet the safety and stability requirements of the project. The Stainless steel press-fittings came into being. The high precision compression connection technology can not only reduce the working time, but also ensure the high strength and long-term stability of the pipeline.
In the early 1960s, Merck of the United States developed the first set of press-fittings, creating a history of innovation in compression fittings. But the technology was immature at that time, coupled with limited equipment manufacturing conditions, the technology developed slowly in practical application and was neglected for a long time. In 1979, the German company launched the compression joint, which made people re-examine and pay attention to the practicability and superiority of this technology. Afterwards, many large manufacturers successively launched their own snap-in joints, pushing the “snap-in” technology to a wider market.
With the continuous improvement and development of press-type technology, steel sleeve export-type precision press-type pipe fittings have gradually become an indispensable pipe connection element in various industries, which has played a vital role in the construction and safety of modern projects. effect.
Precautions for use: Stainless steel press-fittings
1. Correct selection of specifications and models: When Stainless steel press-fittings
, it is necessary to select appropriate specifications and models according to the actual needs of the project and loading conditions. Otherwise, using unsuitable pipe fittings is prone to failure and danger.
2. Use professional tools: In the installation and connection process of Stainless steel press-fittings, it is necessary to use professional tools and equipment to ensure the stability and reliability of each interface connection.
3. Regular inspection and maintenance: In order to ensure the safety and stability of Stainless steel press-fittings, regular inspection and maintenance are required to prevent leakage or other failures at the pipe interface.
How to choose: Stainless steel press-fittings
When selecting Stainless steel press-fittings, it is necessary to select appropriate specifications and models according to actual work requirements and load requirements. In addition, it is necessary to consider choosing regular manufacturers and suppliers, and purchase products that meet the standards to ensure their quality and reliability. At the same time, understand the relevant technical parameters and quality certification before purchasing, and avoid purchasing low-priced and inferior products, so as not to cause unsafe factors.
In short, the development history, precautions for use, and how to Stainless steel press-fittings
all need to attract the attention of project parties and manufacturers. Steel sleeve export-type precision compression fittings are gradually becoming popular, which will bring greater convenience and benefits to enterprises and engineering projects.

Post time: May-24-2023